Graphene 2022

The ULISSES partners organized a special session focussed on the application of graphene and 2D materials in integrated optical gas sensors in the European research projects ULISSES and AEOLUS at the Graphene 2022 conference in Aachen. The organization was led by AMO who were hosting the conference in Aachen. Stephan Suckow from AMO hosted the session with presentations from ULISSES partners Senseair, KTH, UniBW, Graphenea, ICN2 and AMO.

The ULISSES & AEOLUS special session was organized in the Industrial Forum section of the conference and drew an audience of about 70 persons. There were many questions from the audience, in particular during the round table discussion at the end. The audience was a mix of academic researchers in the field of 2D materials and industry representatives. Most of those asking questions were enthusiastic about this new application of 2D materials, as this fledgling field has not yet had its big breakthrough, and the search for the “killer application” of 2D materials is a recuring topic in these circles. The recent project results demonstrating a waveguide integrated mid-IR thermal emitter based on graphene generated significant interest.
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AMO booth with their managing directors, Prof. Max Lemme and Dr. Michael Hornung. The ULISSES “Flyers” are visible in red at the front of the table.
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Graphene 2022 opening ceremony with the head of AMO and ULISSES participant Prof. Max Lemme and the other organizers on stage
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825272 (ULISSES).