Graphene Week

During Graphene Week 2022 in Munich, AMO GmbH had a booth, where the ULISSES project was the main represented project. The booth setup included an AMO banner, the ULISSES poster, and a table with different project flyers and other promoting materials, including the ULISSES “flyers”. On the table a 6” ULISSES wafer with graphene detectors on suspended waveguides and an 8” prototyping Si wafer was exhibited. For promoting and presentation of the ULISSES poster, Shayan Parhizkar, PhD student at AMO, was present at the AMO booth. During the 3 days of exhibition, many people stopped by the booth and engaged in conversations to learn about ULISSES project goals and the milestones for reaching those goals. Most of the audiences were excited to learn about CO2 gas sensing using absorption spectroscopy with 2D materials (graphene) instead of typical electrochemical sensing which is the most common method in 2D materials community.

In addition to the poster, Prof. Max Lemme gave a speech as an invited speaker about the future of 2D materials and he talked about the application of 2D materials such graphene in optoelectronics. Shayan Parhizkar gave an invited talk about the work on PtSe2 photodetectors in ULISSES and their potential applications in optical sensors.

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ULISSES' Shayan Parhizkar presenting our poster at the AMO booth.
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 825272 (ULISSES).